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Gratitude’s Transcending Power  by Sharon Norcia MasonFront Cover

No one passes through life without experiencing setbacks, trials, or deprivation of some kind. In spite of such challenges, blessings can grace our days and soften the impact of life’s hardest blows.

Gratitude’s Transcending Power carries the reader through a striking paradigm shift in how we look at life’s trials. If you thought that adversity was your enemy, this book will help you to reconsider those feelings. If you feel you have little left to be thankful for, reading this book will teach you how to navigate and appreciate not only the joys of life, but also the trials and challenges. Learn how to better handle adversity by taking charge of your attitude and outlook. No matter what challenges you might face, this book will help you recognize the good that is there for you to discover and appreciate.

Serenity: A Russian Elf in the Twentieth Century by John IrelandserenityRussianElf20th

This short work concerns itself with elves in the modern world in which we live today. Their race has become so diluted over the long centuries, that only sparks of their former flame is ever evident. A trait or gift may show itself in one child only to be buried under the more coarse flesh of man in the next. If two such folk of the fair race should meet and marry, the results are often more dramatic. Such is the parentage of Milton L. Ross. Though the word elf itself is not used throughout the story, but only in the subtitle, it should be readily apparent to those who have sought knowledge of the elder races that Milt and perhaps others in these pages have remnant traces of elfish blood.

 Now available from Smith Creek, these Exciting Books by Stephen Miller:

Volume 1:  Captain Justo from the Planet IS:CJ-Cover_with_barcode_logo

Captain Justo from the Planet IS

For nine generations the Justo family has traveled outside of time by opening portals into eternity. Flying in an eternal river of fire is fast and exciting, but it’s also dangerous: you have to be a good person or the voyage kills you! Are you ready to step outside of time and enter the realm of eternity? Danger, life or death consequences – straight ahead!

When Marion Justo inherits has family’s most prized possession, the starship Isian, he is attacked by pirates, forcing him to open an uncharted portal through eternity to escape. With a badly damaged ship, and lost in a strange universe, the young captain crash lands on Earth with only a dim hope of survival.

Pirates, starship battles, angels, robots, and holographic humanoids… bullies, junior high principals, golden boots… the IRS, FBI and CIA all come together in a remarkable story of bravery, integrity and love, creating a reading adventure that will move your heart and stay with you forever!

Volume 2:  The Valley of the Bones:Final Design-Publisher spine

Captain Justo: The Valley of Bones

While returning to his own universe, Captain Justo is swept into a menacing black hole. To his surprise the harmonics of his golden ship keep him from being crushed, thrusting him into an alternate dimension. While lost and alone he comes face to face with the former High King of Atlantis who warns him that the doom that destroyed Atlantis is about to destroy the rest of humanity.

Captain Justo, together with the Sterling family, must rise to a new challenge, with the fate of all races, on all worlds, hanging in the balance. Together they must face pirates, mummies, demons and ghosts. Trusted friends will betray them and old enemies will become even more ruthless. Knights in indestructible armor will clash against invincible soldiers raised from the dead.

“Captain Justo from the Planet Is” was just the beginning of a thrilling saga guaranteed to capture your imagination and win your heart. Captain Justo, the Valley of Bones is the exiting sequel to the first book and will grab your attention from the first page until the last exciting sentence.

The Santa Claus League:

The Santa Claus League41IN2xmudWL._SY300_

In a world of dimming light, who will stand against the darkness? Sixteen Hundred years ago St. Nicholas organized a sacred League of men and women dedicated to bringing light to a darkening world. That League still exists today. Its magic power used in plain sight, yet the existence of the League, with its many members, remains completely hidden…disguised in the character of a jolly old man… the one and ‘only’ Santa Claus. Julia Martin is organizing a children’s Christmas party when her Santa Claus calls in sick. Mason Howell agrees to play the part to impress Julia, but things don’t go as planned…as soon as he puts on his grandfathers suit he is given all the magic of Santa Claus! Mason, with Julia and his best friend John, set off on an adventure to become the newest members of the Santa Claus League and learn the true meaning of Christmas…if they’re not killed in the process!


 The Latter Rain by James M. Conis:Click Here For More Information on The Latter Rain

Castle Mountain Press released the new book, The Latter Rain, on November 19, 2010. Although many books have been written about the prophecies of Isaiah, this book interprets the symbols and types found in Isaiah, and then uses this new information to derive meaning from other books of the Bible as well. The reader of The Latter Rain, whether familiar with the scriptures or not, comes away from the experience with a completely new perspective on what the ancient prophets are saying about our day and age.

Hardcover:  ISBN  978-0-9827108-0-7

Paperback:  ISBN  978-0-9827108-1-4