What are the benefits of having an attitude of gratitude?

Some people will tell you that having a grateful attitude will put you into alignment with the universe and all good things will be attracted to you.  I don’t have such a mystical or magical view of gratitude.  I can assure you, however, that gratitude will make your life a better one, and your relationships will benefit by your attitude of appreciation.

As you take time to recognize your blessings you will simply feel more positive about life, and you will get more enjoyment out of each day.  It’s fun to reflect back on our day and realize the many ways in which our life was positively influenced.  It is uplifting and enriching to realize that we have been graced in many small—and sometimes large—ways.

As you express your gratitude for gifts and favors received, others will recognize you as a person who does not take life’s blessings for granted.  Nor do you take for granted those who bestow those blessings.   Life is ever so much more enjoyable when we feel that our thoughtfulness is recognized and appreciated.  We simply like being around others who value our contribution to their lives.  Being ignored when we do something nice does not make for a happy relationship.  Being thanked does.  It’s that simple.